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If you are in arrears with mortgage payments or have received letters threatening eviction we can help you. Even if you have been given notice of a court hearing or have been served with an eviction notice, it is not to late to stop your home being repossessed by your mortgage company but you need to act fast as it will not go away.

OUR SOLUTION The simplest way to stop repossession is to sell your home. We can introduce you to one of our associate investors who will complete a property sale at a price that is guaranteed and that will protect your equity, without having to face the uncertainties of the housing market which could put your home at risk. If repossession takes place your loan company could sell the house at a price to cover their debt leaving you with nothing or worse still at a loss and then continue to chase you for the remainder plus interest. Our solicitor will act quickly but you need to inform us as soon as possible so that we can pay the arrears and stop the repossession, even if only a few days away. We do not charge any fees for this service. Any cash that is left over from the sale is yours to spend as you wish.

Click here for Free Report, Repossession Guide

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Going through a divorce, separating your assets and having to sell your home can be one of the most stressful periods in your life. Having to pay the mortgage can be very difficult especially if the former partner is not contributing. You need to downsize so that you can cope financially. You want a clean break. Once you have decided to sell you just want to get it over and move on with your life.

OUR SOLUTION We can arrange for you to sell your property to a cash investor who will complete the sale in the minimum of time, allowing you to pay off your mortgage, any outstanding debts, split the difference and go your separate ways. The sooner that you can do this will help you to get your family settled and move on with your separate lives. If one of you wants to stop in the property and pay rent after the sale, then there is always the possibility that this can be arranged.

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If you have recently suffered bereavement and have the responsibility of selling the property we offer a quick and stress free way to sell without incurring further costs at a particular upsetting time.

OUR SOLUTION Bereavement is always a difficult and stressful time with the loss of a loved one at the forefront of your mind, and with so many other things to attend to in order to finalise the estate. Family and friends will want your attention and you may not have the will or desire to handle all the stress and legal aspects of selling the property. We can help take the strain by making you an instant offer for the property and concluding matters as soon as possible. We will guide you through the procedure with the minimum of fuss allowing you to get your life back on track as soon as is practicable.

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Are you struggling to make ends meet or make your money last until the end of the month? Stop slipping further and further into debt by raising money to pay off your mortgage, credit cards, outstanding bills and put a stop to ever mounting interest with a quick sale of your property.

OUR SOLUTION We will assess your situation and value your property free of charge. We will then put forward a range of options which meet your requirements including the amount you will need to get you out of debt or stop the possible repossession of your home. If you require it, we will also create a plan that will allow you to stop in your home by renting back and no other person will be aware of what has happened. Rent back schemes are at fair market rates and an option to buy your home back when the situation improves can be included if you so desire or you can just sell and move on.

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Have you bought a new home and your old one has not yet sold, or has the sale fallen through at the last moment? Are you now making double mortgage payments which are straining your finances and personal relationships?

OUR SOLUTION Let us take the burden off your hands before the financial pressure becomes to great to handle. We can complete a sale quickly therefore releasing the burden and pressure upon you and preventing your finances from deteriorating further as costs continue to mount. Contact us now and we will offer you a price for your property within 24 hours. If this price is acceptable we will arrange for one of our associates to buy your property and instruct solicitors to complete without further delay.

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New job, fresh start, moving or retiring abroad? There are many reasons why you may want to move quickly. Selling your house on the open market with uncertain time frames, a lack of buyers or relying on a chain over which you have no control can spell financial disaster and prevent you from taking that new job or moving to that dream home which on which you are contracted to purchase on an immanent date. Are you paying two mortgages without a sale in sight? Is the breadwinner living away in order to do his new job and travelling home at weekends putting a further strain on the relationship?

OUR SOLUTION We will arrange for your property to be bought quickly. One of our associate investors will buy directly from you without the need of estate agents and the risk of a property chain collapsing. We will structure the process round your timetable so you can complete and leave on the date that is most convenient to you, therefore you are in complete control.

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Are health problems causing you financial worries? Nothing is more important than our health, although most of us take it for granted. When we do get health problems it can have a knock on effect in our finances through a variety of reasons.

OUR SOLUTION A quick sale of your property can be an effective way of dealing with the stress and worries caused by unexpected ill health problems. It will release cash quickly to pay for a private operation, nursing care or a move to a residential home or downsize to a new property closer to family or relatives. It can also help with any reductions in your income. Our representative will listen to your needs and guide you through the options available, making sure that we can move quickly without causing you further stress or hassle. More importantly we will fit around your needs and personal circumstances.

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Are you locked into a housing chain? Housing chains are very uncertain and unpredictable. They can break down at any time even when not expected. They leave you unsure as to when you can move or if it is ever going to happen. You can also lose the buyer of your home as you can not move on and he/her may find some other property with no chain.

OUR SOLUTION We can remove the stress and worry of the housing chain by making you an offer that is guaranteed. You can use this straight away and break the chain or use it as a back up in case your present chain does break down, therefore putting you in effective control. We will give you a legally binding agreement to complete the purchase once you give us notice of your intention to go ahead. You may also be in a position to negotiate a cash offer on your new property.

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Notice 1st July 2009 From this date new legislation was introduced by the government and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) now regulates SRB activity to protect the public, as from the above date.

We at Speedy Property Buyers have always strongly supported the efforts by the government to raise the industry standards with a view to ensuring that our clients would always get the best advice and that their interests would always be fully protected.

However for various reasons only a handful of companies registered to provide SRB during the first year of the new legislation and non of these renewed their registration in the second year. The result of this is that SRB is no longer legally available in the UK.

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If you need to sell your house quickly and it is in need of repair, or an un-finished project and you do not have the funds or the time to repair and fix up everything before putting it up for sale, then do not hesitate to contact us.

OUR SOLUTION Don't worry about a thing because we will make you an offer and take it exactly as it stands. Sure we love perfect houses ready to move into but we also take the not so perfect properties. Don't hesitate to contact us whatever the condition. From minor repairs to full rehabs and unfinished project's we would love to make you an offer.

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Have you found your dream home and can now see your dreams slipping away and going up in smoke because you need to sell your property and it has been on the market over six months and a previous offer has fallen through? The owner of your dream home is now threatening to put his property back on the market at an increased price unless you act quickly. Does this sound familiar?

OUR SOLUTION We can quickly buy your property to enable you to move on without losing your dream home and incurring further costs. You will obtain your new property at the agreed price without having to pay any increase and you never know but you may be able to negotiate a discount if you promise to settle fast. In some circumstances we may be able to provide you with the deposit to clinch the deal subject to the signing of a legal agreement. If you have previously lost the opportunity of buying your dream home and don't want to be in that position again, then consider selling to us at below market value and then renting back for a period. This will give you the money in the bank so that you can immediately buy when your next dream home comes on the market and you should be able to negotiate a good discount for cash which may possibly recoup the discount from your below market value sale.

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Are you a landlord with an under performing property investment? Do you have problem tenants? Do you merely wish to cash in your investment and retire or use your capital elsewhere?

OUR SOLUTION We will offer you a solution and offer to buy your property with or without tenants in place. A quick sale with us will give you an immediate return of  your capital investment with no additional costs. We will even time the purchase to take advantage of the best time in your financial year to minimise your tax liabilities. We will consider properties of any type including HMO's and we will arrange to buy multiple numbers of properties.

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At times we get requests to look at situations that do not fit into the above categories. Maybe you have some land that you wish to sell off, or complicated personal or business circumstances that need creative solutions. Maybe there is not enough equity in the property to take a cash sale discount. Maybe you want full market value for your house but are in no hurry to receive the money because you have moved in with your new partner or abroad to live in your villa that is already paid for.

OUR SOLUTION Whatever your needs we will do our utmost to come up with a solution to your needs in a confidential, honest and fair way. We have multiple solutions to help vendors with their situations including those where selling for cash is neither preferable or possible. One of these is a Lease Option which enables us to offer to buy at today's full market value. Click here for information on higher price possibilities with LEASE OPTIONS.

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Overpricing is the most common reason homes don't sell. When you ask an unrealistic price, it sets in motion a process that often works against you. Here's why.

Most estate agents, and hence most qualified buyers, will see your new listing within 30 days. If it is overpriced by as little as 5%, it will be duly noted and interest in your property will wane, especially if you show no intention of coming off your asking price. You may already have priced out buyers who might have qualified for a mortgage at a more reasonable price. Even if you manage to find a buyer at your inflated asking price, the property may not value up to  that figure when the surveyor comes round and then the financing will fall apart.

If your home remains on the market for too long, buyers may begin to wonder if there are perhaps other more serious reasons why it is not selling.

It becomes stale and agents stop showing it. In the meantime the couple who were interested may have bought an identical but cheaper house down the street.

If you get to the stage where you simply must sell your house to raise cash or move because of a fixed deadline then consider using our services. This will definitely get your house sold in a slow market.

OUR SOLUTION We can arrange for one of our investors to buy your property quickly for cash. You won't get as much for your property as you would on the open market but that's probably not the point, is it? Right now your house is not selling in a slow market. So the cash buyer takes the risk. In fact more risk than in a good market, buys your house, letting you move or even rent back. Take a look at our cost comparisons and you will find that selling below market value is not as bad as you first thought. Click here and insert your postcode to find out what your neighbours houses have actually sold for, you may be surprised.

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The economic effects of the worldwide recession are making themselves felt among immigrant communities worldwide. On the positive side, immigrants as a whole still evaluate that they are wealthier and manage to save more than when they were resident in their home countries according to a recent survey.

Going home? A massive 44% of all Expatriates in the UK are thinking of returning to their homelands and 23% of those in European countries thinking the same.

As the world continues to undergo a significant economic shift, we are seeing some interesting patterns amongst the immigrant population, particularly in the changes to their spending habits. Despite expatriates in the UK considering a move home we also found that the majority of expatriates are staying put despite growing employment uncertainty across many regions.

There are many other reasons that cause expatriates go back to their home countries. Apart from the recession, many of these are to do with family issues. Parents and grandparents missing the kids, serious illness in the family or serious family issues that have arisen requiring the parents or grandparents to go back home to their roots and those that intended to return upon retirement anyway. The present economic crisis in which property has tumbled by up to 30/40% means that there are hundreds of thousands of unsold properties throughout the UK and Europe and the difficulties of moving back home with the need for visas booking of transport and finding a new home with the need for transferring the money into foreign currency seems insurmountable without the problems of the property taking ages to sell.

OUR SOLUTION We have associated investors and cash buyers who are always looking for Below Market Property throughout Yorkshire, London, North East, North West East Midlands, West Midlands and  the rest of the UK and Europe. These investors can usually move quickly as they have the funds available and do not have to sell another property first. Fill in our application form and a consultant will ring you back to discuss the options and the best way forward. However you will have to be prepared to accept below market value for your property in the present market conditions.   

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Our group of Associates contains a power team experienced property investors and experts in the various aspects of property with an unrivalled level of expertise in all fields. Whatever your property sales problem, you can be assured that we will be able to come up with a solution that suites your needs. Fill in our application form now and our consultant will telephone you to discuss this as soon as possible.

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